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Thread: we are still trying

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    Default we are still trying

    we are still ttc but im wondering if i should go and see the doctor!?
    my af has never been regular and still isnt (roughly every 2/3 months)
    if i go what are they likely to do?
    i dont want to be told 'you'll be right you have a child you'll be able to do it again!'
    i was tested for pcos before i fell pg with makon! its a neg

    thanks girls

    P.s what is the time frame for ltttc? we have been unoficially trying since makon was born but officially trying since Af returned 4 months ago

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    Hey Ellissa, We have been TTC #2 for about 4.5 years now, and I thought we would be told the same thing with regards to already having one and being able to do it again. But I was sent for an u/s and we were given a referral for a fertility specialist.

    My BIL and his wife were exactly the same and were even getting ready to embark on IVF for #2 when they conceived naturally.

    I hope that a Dr wouldn't say anything nasty like that to you.



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    Yeah i think that if you are concerned then you should see your dr - that way you may get some answers instead of constantly wondering and worrying what's wrong. I wish you all the best and really hope you conceive #2 very soon!

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