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Thread: Weird pains.

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    Bambi Guest

    Default Weird pains.

    hello everyone, I thought i would post in here and ask.
    I am due to ovulate in the coming days, Not sure when yet, not much CM. So we have BD'ed the last two nights anyway just in case.
    It was painful to DTD and i still couldn't Orgasm (Sorry-TMI) All those twinges and pains are still there from ages ago and to DTD is very painful at the moment. I usually orgasm most of the time and now twice in the last two days i couldn't. Even with my hubby playing around to find it, nothing.
    Can anyone explain what is happening to me? It is very confusing.

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    Could you maybe have thrush?

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    Bambi Guest


    No, i don't have Thrush.
    Sorry, It hurts inside, Like if he goes too deep, that kind of pain, but he wasn't in deep, It just hurts. Weird.
    Like suddenly it is all very sensitive down there.

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    This may be a little personal but could it be bruised or maybe not enough lube?You could also have an infection.

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    I have that if DH gets the wrong angle... and if he does I end up bleeding afterwards, but I'm told the bleeding is from cervical erosion. Anyway, were you in a different position to normal, that may have meant that different bits were being pushed on?


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    Bambi Guest


    Oh, Now i am scared.
    I hope its not nothing major.

    Sorry TMI, But when i get AF, It hurts to go to the toilet, (My uterus sits back) But when i finsh AF it doesn't hurt anymore, Just feels like it is still hurting. Inside. But even if it was bruised i would probably still be able to 'O'.
    It hurt where i have been getting those twinges and cramps since last month.
    Oh this is just confusing.
    I hate Dr's and i try to avoid them as much as i can. That is why i am just asking on here.

    BW~ Kinda know what you mean, But we weren't on a different angle. That is what is confusing.

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