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Thread: Well here's to a new year!!!!

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    Thumbs up Well here's to a new year!!!!

    Well now its 2007, hope every1 had a gr8 new years. Hope there will be lots of gr8 news for all who r ttc this keeping my for u all as well as myself of course. Spraying lots of around.

    Have to go to a pre-op meeting on the 15th Jan at the hospital, to fill out paperwork and discuss ne concerns. Then on the 30th Jan this is the day im looking forward to, i hope all goes well im scared, anxious, nervous all in one. Sheesh........all these emotions sure wear u out.

    Although i still have sore bb's at times, im almost positive ive missed the ttc train this month as well. My last af was a mystery. The sore bb's have been sore since my last af, im due for af on or around the 10th Jan.

    Some quick ?'s.

    Can u get a blocked nose in pg?
    Do nipples change or can they remain the same? Just asking coz of the sore bb's at times.
    And if the 10th Dec was my af, is it still possible to have af and then implantation bleed a few days later?
    Do u always get an increase of CM?

    Oops they aint quick ?'s eh'! Sorry

    If ne one wants to respond that would be gr8.......TIA

    Cheers and Bye

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    I got a blocked nose and sore throat just b4 i got my bfp.. My bbs extra sore and nipples sensitive and changed i got increased cm when i was pg too.. UM not sure about af then implant bleed so close together cos you wouldnt have had a chance to o yet iykwim... Fingers crossed with your op what's that for if you dont mind me asking????

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    Its to check that there is no abnormalities with my uterus and other female organs, i think its to rule out anything that could be hindering my ttc process im not sure wat the procedure is called, but i will learn more when i go to my pre-op i guess.

    thanx for responding


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    Good luck i wish you all the best...... We were belly buddies for a short time in June buddies and now our angel babies are playing together were ever they are........

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