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Thread: What counts as a period?

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    Jenny Guest

    Smile What counts as a period?

    I hope someone can help!

    Yesterday was CD 28 and I had like two drops of brownish CM.
    Today CD 29 I have also had creamy CM which was slightly tinged brownish.
    I normally dont have this at the start of AF, its normally heavy and bright red.
    My period was due today CD 29.
    My boobs are quite sore and I have cramps like AF is coming.
    We BD'd CD 11 and I ovulate day 12-14 (was inter-state other days bugger!)
    Since ovulation I have been nausous and feeling "off colour". But last week have been feeling OK.
    Not sure if its my mind playing tricks or I am pregnant (fingers crossed)
    My cycles are very regular with AF turning up between CD 29-30 (last 6 months since off pill).

    What do people think is the story about the brownish CM? Sorry if TMI!!!

    Your advice is much appreciated!

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    don't know much about the brownish cm but if your period hasn't arrived by tomorrow I would be testing. Good luck

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