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Thread: what did you do to increase your odds?

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    catmommy Guest

    Default what did you do to increase your odds?

    AF is due on Wed. but I tested today (Sun) and got a BFN. I feel pretty confident that I'm not pg again this month so I'm looking forward to trying again for next month. What kinds of things have people tried that may help with concieving? I've heard of green tea and Robitussen but I'm sure there are many others. I'd like to look into some of these options if there's a chance they'll increase our odds.

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    Hi Catmommy,
    I have not tried robitussen as I was trying to be very 'pure' and not have any artificial things in my body, however I believe some women have used it with success.

    While ttc this time I used Preseed and OPK's. I did the bd every day when I had a positive opk and I used the preseed at these times also.

    Prior to ttc I consulted a herbalist and was taking a special preconception mixture to aid conception and help hold pregnancies. I took vitamin C, a prenatal vitamin, zinc and vitamin E.

    I hope this has helped.
    Love Deb

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    Janie Guest


    This month (after 5 months of trying) we used OPKs and Preseed. They are the only things we did differently to previous months.

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