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    I would really appreciate your advice as you are the only people who know what she is going through.

    One of my best friends is trying to fall pregnant. She found out she has Endometriosis and had it removed a month and a bit ago. She was told by the end of July if she isn't pregnant then the IVF process will start.
    I was surprised last year with the news I was pregnant with not 1 but 2! It wasn't planned and although my DH are so grateful I feel so much guilt.
    What I really want to know is what can I say to her? She's so stressed about it and it has consumed her, which I understand, but I don't want to say "Don't stress it will happen" That's not what she wants to hear, what is ok to say, what is reassuring, can anyone help?


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    Im Not Sure What To Say But A Friend Of Mine Has Endometriosis And Has Two Very Healthy Little Boys Through Natural Conception Just A Little Bit Of Hope

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    THanks Reezy. My fingers, toes and everything else are crossed. I hope she is a success story too!

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    That Was After 2 Years Of Trying With The First And The Second Was Straight Away She Tried Knowing Your Most Fertile After Just Having A Baby

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    Hi Briohny,
    I would suggest just telling her that you are there for her, if she needs to talk that you will listen and give her a hug if she needs it.
    My best friend has been awesome through my TTC journey so far. SHe says that she will be there for me and I know that she will but she doesn't ask me all the time how it is going - which is awesome.
    And you shouldn't feel guilty about having your two beautiful girls. I am sure that your friend is really happy for you. I would certainly hope that all my friends can have kids easily because I wouldn't wish this infertility thing on anyone.
    You really seem like a nice person...your friend is lucky to have you.

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    She is Godmother to one of my twins so she is very special to me and I just want it so badly for her. I really appreciate hearing it from "the other side".
    Thanks Sam and I wish you all the best with your journey and my fingers are crossed for you too.

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