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Thread: what do you think of these signs?

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    Default what do you think of these signs?

    I think I'm 9 DPO and I have some mild cramping in my abdomen. I also noticed that there's more CM and it looks like a bit of spotting (dark brown - but very little - more like a skid mark . . .hehe sorry if TMI). I did not have any spotting with my prev. pregnancy so I have nothing to compare this to. My biggest clue right now is increased CM - does anyone know what to make of this? Is there a chance it's a sign of implantation?

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    Hard to tell but it could be! Increased CM is definatley one good sign! Do you have any other signs?
    I suppose you will be able to find out within the next few days!
    Good Luck!! dust:

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    Hi there,

    sounds pretty good to me, i was about 10 DPO and i started to get heaps of CM, i remember bending over and i felt heaps of moisture and i thought that AF was here but it was CM.

    Sounds pretty positive to me

    Bring on a

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