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Thread: What does your OV feel like?

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    Question What does your OV feel like?

    Wondering what everyone's FEELING of Ov is?

    I had sharp pains on and off yesterday on the left side.
    Today just slight generally pressure down there.

    Wondering if that could be ov?

    We dtd last night.... if it was do you think it was too late to catch it?

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    I usually just get sharp pain on and off over a few days on the day I O then nothing.

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    I get slight AF type cramps, very mildly, around "O" time and they usually go for a couple of days and I think they happen just before "O" day and during "O" day. I don't get alot of EWCM like everyone talks about so besides the pains, i wouldn't even know if I O'd! I also get slight nausea for a day and very tired... then it goes! I also get that 'heavy' feeling of pressure in my abdomen too!

    I think you are in with a great chance if you just dtd last night, you might be in with a chance of a boy!! that's if you already had O'd.... Goodluck!

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    thanks girls

    Yes yesterday i got up to vacuum and was so nauseated i had to lay down... so i wonder?
    Well i will see.
    As i am still waiting for AF to return post partum is it so hard to tell....

    surely cant be too much longer... hopefully catch the first egg!

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    good luck pm.
    For me, i think i get period like cramps in my upper thighs.
    I say - I think - cause i am not charting, and just judging by the dates. the weekend after af finished, i had cramps on & off for 2 days, so, i am assuming that was when i o.

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