thread: What to expect after stopping birth control

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    Jul 2012

    What to expect after stopping birth control

    Hi ladies

    Just wondering if anyone can shed some advice or has gone through the same kind of situation after stopping BC...

    I stopped BC when I finished the packet on my AF on 29th May...

    Then I got my first 'real' AF on 17th June which lasted 6 days.

    It is now the 31st July and no sign of AF, which means it has been 45 days so far!!!

    Is it normal to have such a long cycle after coming of BC?
    if so, how good are the odds with concieving on a long cycle?

    Very confused


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    Jul 2006

    Hi there,

    For everyone it is different. Some peoples cycles continue on a 28 day cycle, some are longer.... For others it takes a few cycles for them to figure out what the 'norm' is. Can you recall what your cycles were like prior to BC???

    You can conceive off any length of cycle, so best of luck

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    Jul 2012

    Thanks for your reply...

    Unfortunately no I don't remember what my cycles were before I was on the BC - it was so long ago lol
    It's just frustrating - I wish my cycles would settle down already....and I wish that I had never started using BC! lol

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    it took a couple of months for me to get regular cycles. some people it takes 6 months or so to get back to regular cycles. Taking your temp daily and charting using a program like Fertility Friend can help you see what your cycle is doing.

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    Apr 2011
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    Yep like has already been said everyone is different... I was pregnant 2wks after stopping bc! But I had only been on bc for less than a year and for most women the time they've been on seems to have some effect on how long it takes to get 'back to normal'. If you've already had a few af then its probably gonna even out fairly soon and even if it doesn't get to a standard every month doesn't mean you can't get pg! Charting with FF is probably a good idea though, or even just checking out the fertility signs course so you'll have a really good idea on what to look out for. Hope you get bfp soon!

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    I had super long cycles too! I went off the pill in January (after 11 years on it!) and my cycles were all 50+ days. My GP told me it was likely I wasn't ovulating but to just give my body time to get back into the rhythm of things. We got our BFP this month on what was a 44 day cycle according to dates!

    So try not to worry too much - your body will adjust, just give it some time!
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    Nov 2011

    I came off BC after 2 years and my cycles were 35 - 37 days. I charted so I knew I was ovulating. BFP in 5th cycle. Give your body time to remember how to do things and agree with others, charting with FertilityFriend is a great move.

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    May 2008

    What to expect after stopping birth control

    It's so different for everyone. I was on bc for 11 years. Once I stopped I had af appear a week later then day 33 after that and then I was pregnant! You are quite fertile when you stop taking bc according to my doctor!
    Good luck with your adventure and hope it doesnt take too long for you :-)

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    Jul 2012

    Thanks for the response ladies!

    Yes I think that once I have finally gotten AF I will start charting to make sure I am definitely ovulating.

    I think I did ovulate this cycle, as 9 days ago I had a heap of EWCM and my OPK turned up positive - unfortunately DH was away working so no BD for us!

    Hopefully AF makes herself present soon and I can start charting for my new cycle!