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    Hi girls

    Sorry if I have duplicated a post, I have tried to read all and can't really find an answer. I had implanon removed last monday (Feb 19th), lots of BD in the few days pre and post, yesterday and today I have been feeling unwell.
    I am not charting, we are trying to just go with it for a while but I get so obsessive about stuff. On tuesday I felt a bit nauseated etc but it went away and was feeling much better remainder of the week.

    Yesterday, saturday, initially I felt ok, went for a walk and had milo cereal for breakfast for a treat, had never had it before. Went back to bed with DH then later after showering and washing my hair I had not drunk enough (though I had had about 600ml) or was too hot as was feeling really dizzy. I don't think it was that much warmer than normal. I ate something laid down for a while again, felt a bit better but felt blah rest of day. Slightly nauseated, I though it may have been my gastritis playing up. This am, I felt a bit yukish, sort of "empty" so had my usual weetbix then about 2 hours later feeling 'empty again' had a very tiny bowl of dry milo cereal. About 20mins later I seriously though I was going to vomit. I can't be PG can I? It has to be psychological. I really don't like this not knowing thing.

    When I tried the pill years ago the first few days of each month would always make me nauseated/ yuk. So all I can think is that I am or it is my body readjusting.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated (sorry post is so long)

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    oohh it sounds hopefull.
    Maybe if you have a bit of spare cash you could pop down to the chemist and POAS (at home not at the chemists lol).
    Good Luck!!

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    Thanks for replying
    Dachlostar is POAS - Pee on a stick?

    I am so prepared I have 3 sitting in the cupboard but thought it would be too early. My last implanon period was early Feb. So I would have been in the middle of my cycle if I had had one. I am not sure what is happening. I think I have read that you can have really early symptoms but I just don't know.
    It will probably be nothing (psychological). I did buy the tests last weekend after we decided we would TTC as I live in a small town and there is no way I am buying a test locally.

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    yep - pee on a sticl
    I'm not really sure how implanon works but if you only stopped taking it a fortnight ago it might just be your body readjusting.
    pee sticks can be expensive (my addiction while I was TTC cost a fortune) so maybe if you're fairly sure that you're not likely to be preggers you should save them.

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    Well I am still clueless as to what is going on in my body. I have POAS but two BFN . But that would have been too much to hope for. But I do keep looking for reasons why it may have been negative, eg, have drunk lots - diluted wee etc. Especially as I do still feel yuk (sick), my BBs (I think right term) are a bit sore and tender, overly emotional, am bloated, wind etc. But I think they are also signs of being premenstrual.

    We have only been TTC for about 2 weeks and I am just so confused, I really thought it was supposed to be simple. I am controlling and obsessive compulsive (with some things) so this is no fun for me. I like to know what is happening. I wish I could have a window in my stomach so I could figure out what is happening.

    Sorry for the whinge, especially as we haven't been at this very long.

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    Thanks. I keep thinking, don't get my hopes up, it's probably psychological or a virus. But we did BD like mad around the time of removal. My last implanon period was on the 5th of Feb so may be "due" around now but who knows. DH went away for a few days and he is currently sick with the flu so not much action happening atm. Plus I am feeling rotten, though a bit better today, and I haven't even taken maxolon. I just took it really easy first thing, then ate slowly and am now trying to eat reguarly. I have to tell you the prawns on the pizza on the dominos ad this am made me want to vomit. The thought of chocolate sends bad shivers down my spine which is totally unlike me too.

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    Have tested again lately???? Waiting with anticipation ..........

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    No I haven't tested again. I am feeling better, still funny at times but not as bad as it was. I think it was just a virus. My BBs are no longer sore either. I still have no idea what is happening, I would like AF to show up so I know where I am at but it hasn't yet. I will give it a few more weeks, if not shown up may have to have tests. But I have heard they don't conclusively show anything and will not change my management so no point. I am tempted to test again but am 99% sure it will be a BFN again so I just don't want to go there .

    I kind of hope I am PG but I doubt it. I am being pretty good with my food, although I did have a small glass of wine on two nights this week .

    Has anyone conceived after implanon removal? How long did it take for your period to appear?

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