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Thread: What Is Going On???

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    Exclamation What Is Going On???

    ATM im About 10 days late and i have had a fait positive and the rest negative.. ...I Have a had a different discharge than usual TMI?? Like Egg whites hehe also being going to the toilet a bit more than often..I also have a few weird feeling in my belly not like period pain.. I am new at this stuff.
    I Have a 2 year old And i found out i was preggaz by accident...I Have been TTC for 2 years now and i just found this site and it sound soooo great

    I Am Usualy very regular...Sorry i dont know all the abbrev i have been studiying though

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    Hi mummyofone1,
    unless you know for sure when you ovulated, it's possible you ovulated later than usual, which would explain your very faint positive. Try testing again tomorrow mornign or the next morning, and I'd also recommend seeing a doc about a bloodtest to get things confirmed.

    for a STRONG POSITIVE for you and confirmation of your pregnancy !

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    mummyofone1 Guest


    Well I Havent done any of the ovulation things but my last period was the 28th of Feb..I Dont know i just done another test tonight and it was a Big Negative sooooo i will wait a few days and see if af turns up..

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    Yeah I Think ill wait a few more days and head of to the DRS i am just doing another test ATM and gee dont 3-5Mins Take Ages hehe....Ok Im Going to look wish me luck...BFP YEAH YEAH

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    Congratulations Mummyofone1

    Sometimes it just takes a few more days for the concentrations to get to a detectable level.

    All the best!

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    mummyofone1 Guest


    Thank You So Much Im Off to The Drs at 4:30 and i am so nervous i know a positve mean a postive but i can still not help worry im wrong..Hubby is the same too..And we just reliased we gave all our baby stuff away to a family that lives local and really needed it after their house burnt down oh no!! More Money And I Quit my job 3 days ago so money is going to be very tight..

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    Default ho did u get on...

    hi ya, im just wondering how u got on at the docs today...
    let us know

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    mummyofone1 Guest


    Yeah sorry been a little busy i got a hcg result of 40 so it makes me like 3 weeks pregaz hehe even though my last period started the 28th February...

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    Congrats!! A very short stay for you in the TTC threads. I hope some of your luck rubs off on the rest of us. Look forward to joining you in the preg chats soon.

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