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Thread: What are the odds?

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    Default What are the odds?

    Hi everyone not sure if this is the place to post this but here goes.

    My husband and i have been ttc for 8 months now and i have been off the pill for close to 3 years, we were told by the doctor that if after 6 months of trying we hadnt fallen she wanted to do some tests, i let another 2 months go by and went back to her last week she did a blood test to see if i was ovulating and gave me the things for dh to have a sperm count done.
    My results came back that i had well and truly ovulated so no problem there but we were dissapointed yesterday when dhs results came back he has a low sperm count the dr said that the "normal" count is usually between 20-250 million sperm per millilitre and dh only has 2 million and that 50% should be swimmers and only 28% of dhs swim.
    I know this is only the first test and dh has to have at least another 2 more but i was wondering what the odds were of us ttc with those results if the next 2 come back the same?


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    All I can tell you is that my ex had a sperm count that was classed at the low side of normal and I only fell pregnant once in 8.5 years of unprotected sex with him. With my DF I had 3 conceptions in the one year. While there's sperm there it can happen, but the chances are far lower than what they could be, so you may find you need some assistance.

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