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Thread: What sort of CM would this be???

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    Aquariangypsii Guest

    Default What sort of CM would this be???

    Hi Ladies,

    I never usually go by my CM as far as 'O' is concerned because I have only ever got EWCM once and didn't concive off that cycle. I am currently getting +'ve OPK's so will 'O' any day now and thought just for an experiment I would check my CP & CM (I don't usually check because I find it a bit icky). I found my cervix to be high soft and open (i think) and my CM was sort of milky, if that makes sense. It wasn't streachy was a whitish colour and there was quite a bit of it (sorry for TMI). I guess it was kind of watery in texture but watery CM is clear right and still stretches a bit? Would this be a hostile environment for the little swimmers?

    Thanks for reading,

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    Hi there,
    I have found for myself (and I'm sure everyone is different) that the milky cm is still before you O.
    I have definate ewcm before I O and it looks exactely like an egg white and is stretchy like one too.
    If its milky you'll probably find tomorrow it will become a bit more clear.
    Hope this helps, I find cm is the best way for me to find my O day.
    It wouldn't hurt to BD now anyway as they say its better to have the swimmers there before you O.
    Good luck, J

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    Melbaby06 Guest


    Hi Girls,

    Unlike the standard, I rarely got the "egg white CM" before O, mine was always more watery.

    On the cycle I conceived I had virtually no CM at all and was certain I hadn't O'd :shock: I tend to get EWCM before AF, not before O. Weird hey.

    Dont worry, the little swimmers got through the thin watery CM just fine! Good luck!!

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    Lizzie33 Guest


    I would say this is pre-fertile should get the clear stuff pretty soon. Good luck!

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