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Thread: what would you do?

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    Leigh Guest

    Default what would you do?

    Need some help.

    My husband and i got married in Nov 06 have been trying for a baby since Jan 07.
    I have PCOS I started Clomid 50mg didnt ovulate now starting higher dose 100mg.
    I was thinking of surprising my husband to a trip to Thailand June 07as a honeymoon as we didnt have one, but if we are pregnant is that such a good idea?

    I wouldnt want to fly or to my body under pressure whilst being pregnant.

    My question is would you wait and till you have had the baby or would you plan ahead as you dont know if you will be pregnant?

    My husband and I want a baby more than anything.

    Thanks for reading, sending lots of baby dust your way.


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    hi leigh

    this is probably something which you would be best to get your dr's advice about. however, i flew quite a lot during both my pregnancies (the longest flight was to singapore) and everything was fine - my doctor just advised me to drink lots of water and wear special stockings to prevent DVT.

    Good luck TTC and i hope you and your husband have a lovely trip, whereever you decide to go.

    Best wishes


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    Leigh Guest

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    Hey Beccas

    Thanks for you reply, i may go and get the ok by our doctor.

    Good luck with TTC sending lots of baby dust your way.


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    My only thought would be what you are planning to do while away - lots of sight seeing etc or just lying on the beach. I have heard being PG makes you tired and depending on how PG you are, whether you have morning sickness or not.

    It is a tough choice. Could you do something a bit more local as a get away. We went on a house boat for our honeymoon and we loved it. It had a spa - which you probably can't do but would be a nice relaxing time and you can always find something to do .

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do

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    techi Guest


    i would go ahead and plan on going... the reason is that you can always reschedule but if you dont get pregnant then you continue playing the waiting game... believe me i say it because it hapened to me, and we have been triying for 4 years...but who is to say? . my thing is enjoy your life while trying to conceive dont put your life on hold or you will miss a lot in the long run....good luck and baby dust......

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    I agree with Techi - go for it!
    I have put off so many things because "i might be pregnant by then" and here i am still TTC wishing i had of grabbed certain opportunities when i had the chance. We went to Thailand for our honeymoon - you guys will love it there.

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