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Thread: What's going on with my cycle?

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    Default What's going on with my cycle?

    Hi all,

    DH and I aren't officially TTC yet, but haven't been too careful either. I have had weird cramps for the last 2 weeks. I was due for AF to arrive on Sunday and had some light spotting since Friday (12DPO) to today. I have had a small amount of red blood but not much at all. I did a HPT on Sunday and it was -ve.

    I used to have a bit of spotting then fairly heavy AF for about 4 days and only ever had cramps on the day AF arrived. I have recently started on Provera after O to try to stop the spotting so maybe that is just messing with my cycles and resulting in very light AF but I still wonder if there is any chance of being PG...

    Anyone got any advice??


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    Hi Simplicity,

    I'm no expert on this stuff, but it sounds like it could possibly be an implantation bleed and maybe the levels weren't high enough to register on the HPT. I don't know anything about Provera so wouldn't know if that could be contributing to the spotting. I guess if nothing happens for a few days then it'd be worth taking another test to see what you get then.

    I hope you get the result you're after!

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