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Thread: When did I O?

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    Smile When did I O?

    Hi everyone,
    This is my very first post.
    I hope this is in the right spot.
    I'm trying to figure out when I O'd and whether we could have timed BDing right this cycle as most of us are .
    Bit of background info -
    I'm 20, my DP is 20, and this is my first cycle of TTC#1 and first cycle off the pill. My DP lives a fair way away at the moment so visited for about 5 days.
    I had been on the BCP for almost a year and before I was on it from what I can remember my cycles were all over the place. Probably around 32 days in length or so, not sure though.
    I have a chart on FF but I don't have a proper thermometer so I've just been using my normal digital one and my waking times are a bit all over.
    This is how my cycle is so far -
    CD1-5: Withdrawal bleed.
    CD6: Dry CM (none), pebbles on microscope
    CD7: Sticky CM, pebbles
    CD8: Creamy CM and full ferns on microscope
    CD9 & 10: Creamy CM and on CD10 I had low cervix and pebbles on both days
    CD11: Creamy CM, partial ferns, and low cervix
    CD12: Creamy CM and low cervix and pebbles
    CD13: EWCM (it was thick not clear but really stretchy so it wasn't watery) and medium cervix and pebbles
    CD14: EWCM (same as above - gluggy, thick, not clear but stretchy) and medium cervix and full ferns on microscope.
    CD15: EWCM but it was thinner and clear but still stretchy but not as much as CD13 and 14 yet had more of an egg white consistency because it was clear and thin, and pebbles on microscope. BD pm.
    CD16-19: Didn't test anything as my DP was here so we BD like crazy :eek:.
    CD20: Creamy CM, full ferns on microscope, yet high Cervix (I couldn't reach it).
    CD21: Creamy CM, partial ferns
    CD22: Creamy CM, partial ferns
    CD23: Creamy CM, pebbles
    CD24: Creamy CM, Low and firm cervix.
    CD25 (today): Creamy CM, pebbles, and haven't checked cervix yet.

    I'll try and post my chart -

    Thanks everyone!

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    Hi and Welcome to BB!
    My first advice would be to join up to the 1-6 month TTC group. There are loads of people there to support you, help you with anything you need and no question is every silly.
    The pill can affect many people differently as well when coming off them. Its great that you are all prepared and have loads of information as well.
    FF is a great place to help you- but remember when adding the temperatures in, its only a computer program. It wont recognise that you have Oed if your temps arnt there to recognise a shift in temperature. A 2 decimal place thermometer can track your Basal Body Temp (even the minute movement in temps), your looking for patterns over time with them rather than exact same temperatures.You want to be Bding before the sustained rise in temperatures and only once your temp stays up will FF give you a coverline.
    I guess im not really answering your question, but i dont want to give you false hope or dimiss you either and think we are in with no chance, It depends on what your body was doing on those other days. But anyway,I think there is a lot of Bding happening from looking at your chart...I hope you have caught that eggie.


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