thread: When did you tell the family?

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    Fee Guest

    When did you tell the family?

    We told my parents on the weekend that we are going to TTC at the end of this year. I just couldn't wait!!! Plus I want to be able to talk to my mum about stuff.

    So now we just have to tell DH's parents. Possibly our siblings as well - not sure yet.

    I felt a bit weird telling them though because it's not like it's a really big announcement - that is, that we are pregnant or even that we are TTC now.

    But I am just so excited about it! I want to tell more people but I won't!

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    I just told familly that I had come off the pill not that we were actively trying. With our first born I don't even think I told them that I had come off the pill cause I fell pregnant at the drop of a hat when I did come off it.

    As for when I feel pregnant. We told everyone as soon as we knew


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    JoDan Guest

    I am worried about telling people too soon in the pregnancy. I know as soon as I find out that I would want to tell everyone, but as my mum has had 3 miscarriages, I am a bit worried to tell anyone too early.

    We would probably tell our parents and siblings straight up, but not everyone else until it is "safe". although never really is. I would just find it too heartbreaking to tell all then have to tell them it's not happening.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Fee
    I also told my parents and siblings and DH's family that we were TTC.I had alot of medical problems as well that hindered me getting pregnant so it was nice to be able to talk to them all about it and get advice etc.My sister has the same problems as me so she was the first person I told.And it was fantastic having her support.

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    JoDan Guest

    We won't be telling anyone that we are TTC.. keep the pressure off.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005

    I didnt feel the need to tell people we were TTC. To me that is a private thing. I would much rather provide them with the news that we are expecting. I knew if i told people we were TTC everyone would be asking 'so you pregnant yet?'.....didnt want that pressure. Besides, for me and DH its a nice lil secret to share b/w the two of us........

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005

    I told our parents, my best friend and all the WC & BB girls that we where TTC, but every one else we kept it a secret from because people really are rude sometimes and dealing with a 'are you pregnant yet?" question can be pretty upsetting.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    We told my parents after a year, but that was because I wanted info on infertility from mum. We didn't tell Aaron's parents at all until we were pregnant, they still don't know about our fertility problems & that it took us 26months to fall pregnant.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2005

    We told my parents immediately that we were TTC. We waited a year before telling DH's mum. She was constantly questioning me about having kids etc. When I couldn't stand it any longer and told her about the problems we were having, she was really supportive and I don't feel pressured from her at all. Sometimes it is better just to get it out there......

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2005
    Melbourne, Australia

    We are not going to tell anyone when we are TTC. Although I want to, I would rather it be a surprise announcement about a pregnancy.

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    BellyBelly Member

    May 2004

    We didn't and won't be telling the family we are TTCing again. I would much rather suprise them by telling them I am pregnant.

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    Registered User

    Nov 2004
    Melbourne VIC

    We haven't told anyone that we are TTC although I think some family members think we are. We just deny deny deny! Would rather a lovely surprise pg announcement for everyone once it happens. Even then I think we would only tell parents/siblings until the 12w mark.

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    Resident Samsquanch

    Jan 2005
    Down by the ocean

    We only told a few close friends that we were TTC. I found it was good to talk about it, especially when it was taking longer that we thought it would. I guess if you were being bugged about it, if you said you were planning on TTC later in the year it would get them off your back a bit.

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    Registered User

    Mar 2005


    Honey, it's the most important thing in a woman's life (I feel anyway), and if you want to tell family and DH is ok with it, then go for it, it's such an exciting time-go for it angel.xx O

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    Fee Guest

    Well my parents know that we will be TTC in December and tonight we'll be telling DH's parents!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Dec 2004

    My parents know that we are TTC, but I only told them after about two months into it. They knew we were going to start trying in May this year, but we moved it forward to Feb and didn't tell them. They then asked a couple of months ago when we would be trying, and I told them we already were.

    My in laws on the other hand, don't know, and will only know once we are expecting. It's just different and they don't expect to know IYKWIM. But they would be excited though when and if we do announce.

    I think it is a personal choice as to who you tell or if you tell anyone at all.

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    *TamaraP* Guest

    Fee - congrats on TTC!! from December!!

    We have told my mum only because I want to be able to talk to someone. My boss from work - so she knows that when it does happen she has time to sort out work stuff (im a Baker).

    PIL don't know, probably not until we conceive. A few iffys with them that I don't want to bring into here, and it would just cause problems.

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    Bells Guest

    Well my parents know that we will be TTC in December and tonight we'll be telling DH's parents!
    How did that announcement go Fee?