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Thread: When do you think I conceived?

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    Default When do you think I conceived?

    Hi just wondering if anyone could give me an idea when I conceived.

    The 3 months before I fell pregnant I had perfect 28 day cycles (as are most months - ocassionally varying to 29), and we had sex on day 8 and day 13.

    I have assumed that I conceived on the 13th, but my partner used the withdrawal method. (I now know that it isn't very reliable).

    On the 8th we used a condom, but now I hear that condoms have a chance of leaking (my partner said that he didn't note any leaking), and I also hear that sperm can live in the body up to 7 days.

    So is there any chance that if any did leak from the condom on day 8 (what are the chances of this?), that the sperm could've lived in my body up until I ovulated (which I am assuming by my cycle that it would likely have been around day 14)?

    Hope you could advise me on this for future awareness! Many thanks!

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    mmmm - interesting senario!!! I would be inclined to think day 13 because of ur cycle length...but i'm not sure. It sounds like both could be likely. Do u ever do any charting - taking temp, or monitoring CM? - cause that usually gives u a better idea when u r fertile and ovulate. Both condoms and withdrawal can be unreliable so ur guess is as good as mine i'm afraid

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    It sounds more likely that the winning sperm got there on Day 13 but I would just be guessing. It's true that condoms break but seeing as you used the withdrawal method on day 13, it just seems more likely that this is when it occurred.

    Have you observed your fertile signs using your mucus? The Billings method of mucus observation is pretty spot on and very useful if you are trying to conceive or avoid conception.

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    So do you think that if the sperm did leak that it would be able to live in my body that long? I hear only if the 'conditions' are right.

    I wasn't really 'tracking' at the time because we weren't trying! We are overjoyed though!

    Anyone else who may know would be great.


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    Sounds very much more likely that you conceived on the 13th. If you ovulated on 14th and BD on he 8th then the spermies would have had to survive and be in the right place for 6 days... seems much more unlikely.

    Congrats on the pregnancy anyway

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