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Thread: When to TTC #1?? Help!

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    Default When to TTC #1?? Help!

    Hello ladies,
    Well, as you can see from my ticker, I am almost about to start TTC #1. But my question is, WHEN do I start? I am so tempted right now to start, and I have been frantically doing my math to see when I would be due and what are the chances of falling straight away.

    You see, I have only just started my job (4.5 months ago) and wanted to wait until 5 months before TTC. However, it is almost 5 months since I have started, and according to my research you have a 25% chance of getting BFP in your first month of trying, 60% in 6 months, so the chances of me falling straight away are pretty small and even if I do it will make only the slightest difference to my time there.

    I have been on BCP for 13 years, and figure it might take us a while longer.

    I guess I am trying to convince myself to start now. After all, as soon as I go off BCP, AF will arrive anyway, and that buys me another week right?

    That's it, I am going off BCP starting tonight, any advice?
    PS if I am this bad just waiting to start, how am I going to go in the 2WW?

    Hope you all have a great week,

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    Hi Dragonbub!

    I went off the OCP and was so excited I could be pregnant the first month because I had a 5-week cycle... then all excited the next when I had a 6-week cycle... oh dear, I was far too excitable! So, for any advice I'd say wait until you are getting PMSy and then expect your period the next week... don't test before then! Or use condoms for your first cycle so you know how long it is.

    As you say, your first week is pretty much not going to be a conception week, then the second/third/fourth weeks you could well be waiting to O... I really hope you get 4-week-ish cycles right away so you don't have to worry there!

    Best of luck with TTC and lots of to you!

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    Hi Dragonbub, if you're trying to organise things mathematically so that you are working there for 12 months before taking mat leave, you might need to factor in an extra month or so. Most women start their mat leave after 34-35 weeks, ie six and a bit calender months after they realise they are pregnant, but sometimes you may need to take leave a bit earlier, (needing bed rest etc). There is no way to tell how it's going to pan out for you.

    I guess it comes down to how you feel intuitively and how you would feel if you didn't get the timing right (ie how stressed would you be)?

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    Hello Dragonbub,

    Cant wait to see you in the TTC thread!!!! I have been waiting for you to make an appearance. Ditto to what Ryn and Marydean have said. Some good advice there!!

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