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Thread: From when are you pregnant?

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    Default From when are you pregnant?

    This may sound so silly but im just wondering if you are pregnant from the time you get the implantation bleed or from the time that you do the deed?
    Im just trying to figure stuff out here?

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    i think that you are pregnant as soon as you get your 1st BFP!!! of course you are pregnant before you get your 1st result but you do not know

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    Your PG is counted from the first day of your last period. That's what it's 40 weeks.

    Guess because there is no real way of knowing exactly when the embryo implanted. Not everyone gets a bleed at implantation to know.

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    What Sammi said is right. You are technically preggers for 10months! Long time, but you don't actually know your pregnant normally until about 4 weeks, which means there is only 9 months to go.

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