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Thread: Would it show by now?

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    Default Would it show by now?

    Hey everyone, I have ANOTHER question!

    My cycle is usually 24-27 days (currently on day 29) but last month it went for 35 days.

    I took a HPT on Friday and I got the faintest line ever. Like, you had to look really hard to see it but it was there...grey though, not pink/purple.

    I tested again today with the same test - early preg fortel, and it was a BFN.

    I guess i'm just grasping at straws here, but is there still a chance I could be preg or should I just forget about this cycle, wait for the witch to arrive and concentrate on this next cycle?

    Who knew getting pregnant could be so stressful
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    Default AF this arvo

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    Default hi

    hi ya,
    i noticed you hadnt had any replies yet... im sorry to hear AF came for you. I know how hard it is whn you get your hopes up. I have been going through the same thing every month for about 6 years. It seems like forever, especially when you want it to so much. I am still trying to convieve baby no1. It is so hard, and emotions are everywhere.
    anyways keep in touch.

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