thread: wow this is scary

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    Sep 2007

    wow this is scary

    my chart says I o'd on day 14 so I'm finally going to have a 28 day cycle by the looks. I did the preg calcualtor thingy to see what my due date would be if i were to fall preg this cycle and it said the 13/8/2008 My dd was due on the 13/05/2005!!! I so wanted 05/05/2005 but got the day before couldn't hold her in any longer. And I said to DH before we were officially trying wouldn't it be good to have 2nd baby to be born on 08/08/2008 it could happen but to have both due dates like that wow! I so hope I'm UTD

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Kel - I get what you mean!

    I always said I wanted an Anzac day bub, and then we get the +ve the EDD was 18/4 .. but he waited to start labour on Anzac Day! I reckon they just "know" what you want, and what you want is nature's way of preparing you for stuff.

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