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Thread: Are you feeling positive?

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    Smile Are you feeling positive?


    Is anyone else feeling like this might be "THE" month??

    Im finding it strange as even when TTC Ds i never really felt like "this is it" iykwim?

    But today i have been feeling really positive that this cycle i am going to fall pg, i sort of feel hmm lucky. I probably sound weird and i will probably feel a little foolish if i dont after posting this, but oh well LOL!

    Iam on CD5 atm and this is my 5th cycle so i still have awhile to see if anything comes off this feeling.

    Just curious if anyone else feels like me atm!

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    Dont worry about feeling foolish if you arent pg this month. Both times for me i have just had that same feeling. I posted in my ttc thread each time and afterwards i thought "now why would i go and do that when you dont even know lol". I think it helps to stay positive anyway, if nothing else being positive is making you feel good. I'll be keeping an eye on you to see if you were right - good luck

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    Default Me too :)

    This is our 5th IVF cycle and I feel this is the one the time I fall pregnant so go ahead be excited too

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    Hi Tears of Joy

    This is what i wrote just a few days ago in the 'when did you know' thread:

    I know there is no sense in this what so ever, but... DP & I were BD'ing 2 nights ago and afterwards I had this feeling like it had finally worked! I can't explain it, but it was totally overwhelming! I looked at DP & said 'I think that was the one!' He just laughed and gave me a kiss I guess we'll find out in a couple of weeks time!
    So i know exactly what you mean!!

    Good luck this cycle, sending you stacks of Might be seeing you in the December Belly Buddies!

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    Sending copious amounts of

    Well done to you for being so positive, I think that's great

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    I feel pretty positive this month, only because this is our first round of Clomid
    and I've heard so many success stories.

    Also it's my first month using my CBFM - so I've got a lot of tools helping me
    this month...

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    Dont feel foolish, I think its wonderful to feel positive about your TTCing. I had months where I felt like that would be the month for us. I think its natural after trying for a while to feel a bit "different" some cycles.

    Just remember the power of positive thought

    I hope to see you announce a BFP at the end of your cycle, sending you tonnes of baby dust & wishing you all the best....

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