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Thread: Are you waiting to ttc

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    Default Are you waiting to ttc

    I keep going back and forth on this over and over and we have decided we might wait till around March - July of 2008. That way I can lose weight and get some personal goals happening.

    This is NOT a thread, as I have been told there is already a 1-6 months ttc thread.

    How do you cope with trying to hold of from ttc now, its so hard seeing all those babies and pregnant ladies, lol? Am I the only mad women here?

    Do you worry it will take a long time to ttc? How long did it take with your last child?

    Sorry so many questions!!!!!!

    Oh is it true the older you get the harder to concieve?

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    Soul - im the same!
    Yes, apparently the older you get the harder it is - so ive heard...?!

    We were going to start trying in jan - feb 08 but i decided to put it off until the next year, i just want to enjoy Emily a bit more!? I know i'll change my mind through the year tho. Im not worried about how long it will take (mabey a bad mistake) it only took me 2 months to get pg with Emily after 13 years of being on the pill.

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    Just locking this thread and re-directing you to the Pre-Conception Chatter thread.

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