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Thread: Bialetti Mukka Mukka Coffee Percolator

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    Default Bialetti Mukka Mukka Coffee Percolator

    OMG I'm in LOVE!

    Thanks to the wonderful coffee machine at the BB centre I can no longer drink instant coffee and I've been having massive cravings for real coffee. I had an italian stove top percolator but it started not working properly and the coffee would always taste blerk so I stopped using it. We couldn't really afford an espresso machine because I would want to buy a really good one as the cheaper versions tend to burn the coffee so I've noticed.

    Anyway, I was at my gf's deli this morning and saw she had the Mukka Mukka stove top percolator which I have eyed off for a couple of years. Its almost the same as normal stovetop percolators but it also froths and heats the milk too. So I bit the bullet and bought one, and OMG I'm in love. Coffee is just as good and now I can have real coffee at home! YAY!

    So if you've seen them and thought about it I can highly recommend them

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    Yummo! I love good coffee. My Italian style stove top perculator wasn't working properly either and someone recommended that I changed the seal. All good now! Love the smell of perc coffee in the mornings!

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