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    No, it came in a giant vacuum packed envelope! I used a teeny bit on the ti of a teaspoon for the coffee. I was thinking of bulking the baking volumes with 50:50 powdered milk and flour, think that'd work?

    I'll google for recipes. Thanks!


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    Oct 2006
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    PL, I personally would stear away from powdered milk... it's not good for you. Having said that, I have no other ideas for bulking up the recipe either.
    I bought some Stevia the other day and found it alright in a cup of RLT. But I didn't like it in my Roiboos tea with milk. I will try it for a while and see if i can get used to the taste.


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    Jun 2008

    in regards to aspartame causing cancer I believe it is true, my grandad grew up using it instead of sugar from about the age of 20 and he died of a brain tumor.

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    DP & i are convinced the artificial sweeteners helped cause our regular headaches that we both had for years cause as soon as we started using raw sugar in moderation instead of the artificial sweeteners our headaches were nowhere near as often