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    can i do a tf or km style shake diet while bf?

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    no you can't. there's not enough nutritional value. i'm bfing too and trying to lose weight. i'm loosly following a ww style diet (with 26 points a day) - mainly just eating lots of healthy foods- and doing the new years body transformation challenge here on bb- you should join too
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    If you're BFing you really need someone to calculate how much you should be eating. I'm seeing a dietician. I wouldn't imagine a shake diet would deliver what you and your bub need, they are pretty radically low-kj diets.

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    ok thanks girls...
    i might have to try and get in to see a dietian

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    Ellibugs - I use (free 12 months at the moment) and you can enter that you are breastfeeding for calorie calculations. They still suggest you speak to a doctor before starting a diet when breastfeeding but it is a good way of recording what you eat, what exercise you do and what percentage of your diet is from fat, protein and carbs.

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