thread: Did you lose your floppy belly?

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    Pietta Guest

    Did you lose your floppy belly?

    Hello everyone!
    My little Bubs moved into a different position today and showed me just how low and floppy my belly has gone. I must admit I am a bit freaked out!! So my question is...

    Prior to being preg I played netball, gym and aerobics and had a firm but big belly. Now that I am going to have floppy skin central (eek!!) I wanted to know what I can do or if anyone else's just 'stayed' there or whether or not I can change it or whether I am destined to be floppy forever!!!!

    I love exercise so any advice you can give the better!!

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    Life Member

    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!

    I know its boring, but sit ups DO get rid of that floppy bit.

    (My floppy bit is still filled with Crunchie Bars and Pringles, and I must get round to doing those sit ups!)

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    May 2004

    Yep sit ups are the only way to go!! I do mine on a fit ball, easier on the back!


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jul 2004
    House of the crazy cat ladies...

    Well, the only advice I can give, is if you don't do sit ups, the floppiness will still hang around...
    Its been 4 months since I had Aidyn, and I still have very much a jelly belly... it just doesnt poke out as much anymore.
    I have been scared of doing sit ups because my mother attempted to do them 2 months after her first child, and she pulled a stomach muscle so badly, that she had to go to hospital!!

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    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    hheehe - to the crunchie bars and pringles - i used to think i was good walking every day when caitlin was a wee one, but most of those walks took us past the milk bar and the ice cream freezer and the magnums ...

    I didnt eat much for the first month after caitlin was born and was playing netball six weeks after so i think i went back to 'normal' about then.

    Normal for me, anyway !


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    rachel Guest

    Hi Pee
    I'm from Perth also (well, Perth hills). I found Pilates was the best exercise for my belly. I have always had a big belly. Even after delivering a 9lb baby I never had stretchmarks. I started Pilates a month ago only going twice a week and incorporating my Herbalife program and there has been a huge difference. I have lost 12 cms from my waist and hips. (Unfortunately none of the boobs!!) I hate aerobics coz I get asthma so the Pilates works for me.
    Take care

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    floppy belly here too. I was MEANT to do sit ups or lay on my back and pretend to ride a bike, a few weeks after lachlan was born cause I actually tore a stomach muscle during birth.

    Love :hbeat:

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    Melinda Guest

    I've been concerned about the floppy/flabby belly too Pee! LOL Particularly after having a caesar....I think everything gets extra stretched!! Make sure you don't do any exercises for your stomach until you get the go ahead from your Doc as having a caesar changes things. I've been doing stomach exercises for a while now (they also help my bad back).....both to try and get rid of/reduce the flabbiness and to help with back pain etc. I have found that it is going down too which is good... it certainly looks a lot different to what it did just 2w ago!!

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    Pietta Guest

    what exercises are you doing tootie?? I went to buy new clothes yesterday and I have gone up 2 dress sizes so i need to do whatever I can!!

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    Melinda Guest

    I've started doing some sit ups, plus I also do ones where you isolate the TA muscles. Basically, imagine that you are pulling your belly button in!! I do them laying on my back with my knees bent and I hold the position for say 5 seconds. When you feel strong enough, you can start raising one foot at a time to increase the intensity, and then increase that to lifting your entire leg......hope that makes sense! LOL