thread: HCG diet? Anyone tried, personal experience with?

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    HCG diet? Anyone tried, personal experience with?

    If you don't know what it is... in Australia it is a bit different to the US, mainly because its illegal to sell HCG (made from the urine of pregnant women!!!)... HCG is the hormone that is made only in pregnant women.

    There are quite a few articles but basically years ago an endocrinologist did a study and found HCG could be used in other people in order to aid with weight loss especially in obese people with hormonal issues...

    In Australia they make a homeopathic counterpart to HCG to try and trick the body into thinking that it needs to use up its reserves (or fat stores) in order to survive. To do it, you have to go on a strict 500calorie per day diet. Doctors recommend not being on any diet of less than 1200, and anything less is starvation and unhealthy.

    I reckon like Duromine, this has its severe side effects and must be done with close contact of a health professional.

    I have been trialling it for a friend of mine who is a naturopath and nutritional consultant. We are on day 10 of a 21 day phase. I have lost 4.8kg and DH has lost 6kg so far. AFter the 21 days you go to a diet of 1500 cal for 2 weeks and then wean on to a maintainable lifestyle diet. I am ready to wean onto it now!!

    I spoke with my naturopath yesterday and told her we were unable to continue at the rate, I just can't believe it is healthy to starve yourself, so we have added 100cal at breakfast so we are at 600 cal per day for the next 5 days and then for the final time we are going to move to 1000 calories per day. In this diet, no fats, no starch and no sugar is allowed. Two pieces of fruit at allowed, and 5 plain rice crackers but everything else is protein and vegetables. Oh and herbs and spices are allowed...

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    I find a diet that restrictive very alarming and can't believe that someone would promote it. I did the MB12WBT which is 1200 cals a day plus exercise and that was tough. What could you possibly eat for 500 cals?

    Are you trying to increase HCG in your system for pregnancy? I am a little confused by it all TBH