thread: How to choose a gym?

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    Aug 2008

    How to choose a gym?

    So I think that might be my next step... but I've never really been to one before, so want to know what things I should consider when choosing one? Size, distance from home/work, facilities, classes etc.
    What works for you, and what can you recommend?

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    Dec 2007

    Im at an all-female gym...I love it. I dont have to worry about men hogging the weights lol and get paranoid or anything.
    They have a creche, which I need for Bump.
    There are fairly close to home.
    I really liked the feel of the place - it isnt a huge one with 300 treadmills lined up like soldiers or anything and everyone was tlaking to each other and laughing and all that.
    It offers classes that are of interest to me, at convenient times.
    The did a full assessment when I joined and gave me a programme, taught me how to use all the equipment properly and set the weights, and will do a review when ever I ask for one, or every 6 weeks, and then adjust the routine again for me.

    Oh, and they have blow dryers and hair straighteners in the change rooms lol Which of course is a MUST in EVERY gym lmao.

    I think if you are comfortable with the place and the people who work there it will be valuable
    good luck!

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    Oct 2006
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    :yeahthat: You have to work out what you want in a gym and then look for it! For me classes and a good timetable were important, location, creche, price, also when you're looking into the crech find out the hours they do. Some gyms you can onnly book certian timeslots in the creche like 9-10.30 or 10.30-11. Mine you can book for 2 hours at any time the creche is open. Also price is important, my gym is $1 per child per hour., some are $3.50.

    Flexibility is also important to me, some gyms you can only go to the one you signed up in and others you travel around to any of their clubs. The women only gyms are good if you prefer that (I like to perv at the men )but mose mixed gyms will have a womens only room.

    Also go in, don't be afraid to ask for free passes and check them out.

    PM me if you want to know the name of my gym, I don't think i'm allowed to say?? Boomba and Punkin are members too so we could all work out together yay!