thread: Last 3 kilos - looking for support thread?

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    Aug 2004

    Last 3 kilos - looking for support thread?

    hi there ladies,
    I am a very motivated gal. I have two children, one 6 years old and very recently, now have a 9 week old baby. I was 59.8kgs before I got pregnant with my 2nd (174cms tall) and athletic (I am a distance runner/triathlete).

    I am currently hovering around 63kgs - bit less after breatfeeding and my training runs in the morning! I would love to lose 1kg soonish and aim to be less by July (my half marathon race).

    I LOVE food and eat HEAPS - I also train a fair bit considering I have newborn (or so people say). I average about 50-60 kms of running a week, swim, do ab exercises 5 times a week and do deep water running in our pool at home twice a week. Running kms are increasing as race gets closer.

    But I still need support and motivation - please don't just tell me to be patient - I do have downfalls like eating TOO much at night...

    would love to hear from others!

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    Jan 2008

    join us in diet and weight loss support above your thread. good luck