thread: Low Carb?

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    Low Carb?

    I know Kelly posted earlier on High Protien/Low Carb diets not being great for conception: HERE. But I guess if you are wanting to lose a bit after you have had a baby?

    So, I was talking to a girlfriend of mine this morning, who would be the first to admit that her weight is an issue and that she is a big girl. (She is around the 100kg mark). Anyway, I haven't seen her for ages, but know that she has lost a bit of weight over the past few months. I asked her how, and she has been doing "Low Fat Low Carb".

    It is not a special diet as such, but she has cut out carbs after she can eat carbs at lunch but no carbs at all after that. And she is keeping all her meals relatively low fat.

    She has not been "obsessing" about it, but just taking it gradually. Her Dr weighed her last week & she has lost 9 kg in 2 months, which is a nice steady loss. FANTASTIC!

    The reason she is SO wrapped is that she feels like she is not denying herself anything, is never hungry, and that the weight loss is "easy".

    So, just thought I'd post it in here, in case anyone is keen to revamp their weight loss/eating approach.

    (My girl friend is emailing me some good recipes, so I shall post those later over in Recipes/Cooking forum: Recipes & Cooking)

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    Thanks for posting that Lucy... It is certainly something I am considering trying now.
    I have always been against the 'atkins' diet (cutting out carbs completely) but it does make a lot of sense to cut them out (or reduce them) after lunch time.
    You friend has done really well to lose that amount in 10 weeks. It sounds like a good healthy loss, instead of starving or crash dieting...

    I'm definately motivated now, I think I might give it a try!!!