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Thread: Which scales?

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    Default Which scales?

    I'm looking to get some decent scales that can tell me body fat etc as well as weight. Any recommendations? how much would a decent set cost?

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    Hi RoyaUK hubby got me a great body composition monitor just over a year ago... he purchased it online. It is TANITA Inner Scan Body Composition Monitor. It shows you how much fluid, muscle & fat there is in each limb of your body and your abdomen, It also shows your mineral level and how many calories you burn at rest and gives your body age based on your metabolic rate.... And records your progress on a graph for 3 years which you can also print out.

    Obviously these are pretty super dooper and there are other less expensive versions out there but I think they cost between $400 - $500! BUT they are great especially for those days when the overall weight figure deoesn't go down, you can see if it's just fluid or if you have put on muscle but your fat has gone down

    Hope that helps

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    Hi Roya
    I bought some scales on ebay. I just use them for weight but I think they measure water etc

    I mainly bought mine as they can take up to 180kg and are digital.


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