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Thread: Snack suggestions please

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    Question Snack suggestions please

    Ok so the self-loathing has reached new heights today and it's high time I stop feeling sorry for myself and actually do something about the flab that's taken up residence all over my body.

    I'm hoping for some tips that will help me stay on track. I'm breast feeding and feel hungry all the time so I need to be able to eat if I'm starving but I struggle to think of healthy and quick choices.

    Has anyone used protein bars? I've heard they are supposed to keep you feeling full longer but they're pretty expensive and we're on a bit of a budget so I only want to get them if they're worthwhile.


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    I haven't used them but I have heard some taste just awful. I don't know if they are ok to eat whilst BF?

    Some healthy & quick choice would be:

    Tuna (in springwater)
    Cheese (low fat & size of matchbox) with crackers - I buy the already cut up ones like the Mainland varieties
    Carrot sticks & hummus dip

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    I really recommend ww's when breastfeeding. I have found its a great program to make sure you are getting enough to sustain breastfeeding while still being able to lose weight. I am just an online member and there is no joining fee at the moment

    other great snacks are fruit, low fat yoghurt, almonds, diet jelly, corn thins, rice crackers with salsa

    Good luck on your weight loss journey

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    I have started to cut up crudites and keep a big tupperware ofthem in the fridge... i cn never be bothered to cut them up when i am hungry but if they are already there it is easy - at the momenti have carrot, red capsicum, green capsicum, cucumber and mushroom... they keep for a few days too. i take them to work as well...

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    Add hard boiled eggs to what MamaPan said for extra protein while breastfeeding!

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    Here are some things I eat, I do a one-hour class at the gym every day so find I get hungry a lot too (can't compare to BF hunger, sorry )

    - 2 rice cakes with cottage cheese (you could use hummus if you prefer, or ricotta, or sliced cheese - as long as it's low fat, or avocado but not too often )
    - a small cup of low fat milk with Milo
    - a stick of celery cut up with peanut butter (can also use carrot sticks and hummus or salsa)
    - low fat greek yoghurt with dried fruit (if you mix this up in the morning and save it for later it's really yummy) - you can add oats to this as well and it becomes like bircher muesli, if you need more carbs
    - almonds (only 10-12, Aldi has been selling small boxes of these which are great for the handbag)

    I'm a vegetarian so get most of my protein in snacks from dairy, as you can tell! Other than those snacks (normally I will have 2 of those a day), I also have 2 pieces of fruit a day and the 3 regular meals! Gosh that sounds like a lot of food. DH eats a lot of raw protein (since we have a mostly meat-free house), in shake form mostly but occasionally we buy bars. I wouldn't recommend them unless you are trying to build muscle through weight lifting though - better to stick to the "real" food like yoghurt, fruit and nuts! Another idea is to make super healthy muffins (the CSIRO cookbook has a recipe) - you can freeze them so you're not tempted to eat more than one

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    Here are some things I like:

    vita wheats with hommus
    corn thins (now come in loads of flavours) with hommus
    cut up carrots, cucumber, celery with a healthy dip
    a boiled egg
    peanut butter on a slice of multigrain toast
    ski d'lite yoghurt
    small bowl of special K cereal

    Hope that gives you some ideas.
    I just joined ww and am on a whopping 28 points because of breastfeeding and am actually eating more now than before I started - it's awesome!!
    Sue xx

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