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    SureSlim questions!!!

    Hi there
    I am 28 years old and was thinking about going onto SureSlim......i have heard it's expensive and I'm not quite sure how it they give u blood tests to work out your metabolism etc and create your meal plan from that? I'm not quite sure...can anyone help.......the results from the other comment sounds amazing.....i only need to loose about 5-6kgs?

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    Hi there Rachael and welcome to BellyBelly! :wave:

    Please feel free to join in on our Sureslim General Discussion thread

    I think someone mentioned that the cost of it is around $800...

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    Hi Rachel ! Just wanted to welcome you to bellybelly.

    I'm Tegan and I live in NSW. I'm a SAHM to 11 week old daughter Lily.

    Look forward to seeing you around the forums!

    Take care,

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    I joined up to SureSlim to lose some weight before my wedding. I think it is terrible over priced and a bit of a joke really. I think they take your blood to get you sucked in to thinking it's this great thing!
    I think the best way to go is Lite n Easy if you can afford it. My Aunty had lost heaps of weight on it, and she didn't exercise once. So she would have done it alot quicker too if she exercised.
    I must admit that I did lose some weight on the Sure Slim programme but it was really hard to follow and stick to.