thread: Tell me about Tony Ferguson...

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    Sep 2008
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    Tell me about Tony Ferguson...

    Who has done this program and hwo did you find it? Did it work? Were you hungry? Did you fnd it hard making other meals for DP/DF/DH??? Can you eat any normal foods like salad and veges?

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    Sep 2008
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    Jan 2009

    I have a friend at work doing it - so I can tell you a bit of what she's shared with me. She can have salad and vegies, but only certain ones and only so many times a week, I know carrots are on the not very often list as she loves carrots and wasn't too happy about that!
    From what I gather, she has a shake for breakfast and a meal bar thing for lunch She says she's not hungry and has lost about 8kg I think in the past 10 weeks or so. You are also supposed to exercise. She looks good and you can definitely see the weight loss.
    Not sure how long you could keep something like this up for though - personally I couldn't do it!

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    I'm actually on it at the moment for the 2nd time

    The first time was almost 2 yrs ago - I lost about 10kgs on it & found it really easy once you got into it.

    I've only gone back on it now, as I put on some weight after major surgery before Christmas (4kgs) and I wanted to lose it before I do the next IVF cycle, I always seem to put a few kgs on with all the drugs etc.

    Starting again this time has been really easy - 2 years on, a few parts of the program have changed, but for the better - when I was on it last time it was still relatively new, and really basic - now there's a lot more choice.

    Basically you have (per day);

    * 2 shakes (or you can replace a shake for a 'bar')
    * 1 serve of protein (which you can have any of the 3 meal times per day) - so red meat, chicken, fish, eggs etc.
    * 2 serves of fruit
    * 2 serves of fresh salad/veg (you can eat as much of this as you like)
    * 2L water
    * 1 coffee or 3 cups tea (herbal tea you can have as much as you like)

    You can also have 'treats' twice a week - there's a list of what you can have

    So, basically, my day is;

    Breakfast - 1 shake & coffee.
    Morning Tea - piece of fruit.
    Lunch - Big salad & a shake.
    Afternoon Tea - Piece of fruit
    Dinner - Vegetables with either red meat/chicken/fish.

    I have a minimum of 2L water a day - most days its about 2.5-3L.

    I have a glass of red wine with dinner a few nights a week (this is one of your treats - only supposed to have it twice a week, but I usually have it a little more )

    I do a little exercise - not as much as I'd like, but I'm so busy I have trouble fitting everything in my day!

    So far I'm averaging about a half a kilo a week loss - I've been back on it now for 6 weeks & lost 4kgs & 3.5cms off my waist... so thats the weight I gained from my surgery

    We're looking at doing our cycle next month, & will have to stop Tony Ferguson before we start, so will prob do it for another 3-4 weeks in the hope to lose another 1-2kgs.

    Drinking the 2L water a day keeps you full - I find a lot of days I forget to eat my second piece of fruit, just because I'm not hungry!!!

    I think its really easy - the ladies at the Tony Ferguson centres (if you have one near you) are amazing and you can feel & see the difference straight away, which is great motivation

    My family eat whatever I do for dinner, and it doesn't effect me for the other meals during the day.

    You also don't have to have the protein serve for dinner - you could have maybe eggs for breakfast, and then just have a serve of veg & your shake for dinner instead... you can mix it up - what I wrote down is just what I do

    I'll keep checking this thread in case you want to know anymore

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    Mar 2004

    I tried it last year, and lasted a week. I need carbs! I just found it a tad too restrictive for me, by the end of the week I was salivating at the thought of eating a slice of bread! I also realised that it just wouldn't be sustainable in the long term - too hard making different food for the kids, and having all the foods that I wasn't allowed to eat in the house, because the kids eat them. The shakes were yummy though, and I did lose weight in that week. It just wasn't for me - I ended up doing weight watchers which worked a lot better for me.

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    Jan 2009

    Have you heard of the CSIRO diet? I have had success with it and you get to eat everything in the right balance.