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Thread: Cleaning a pram????

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    Default Cleaning a pram????

    Hey girls..
    I need some help. I brought a pram at a garage sale yesterday.. too good a deal to go past. All I have to do is to give it a really good clean to get rid of the musty smell.
    What do you use to clean these types of things???????? How do I do it, just hose it down, hot soapy water or is there something else thats AWESOME that i can use?

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    I don't know if there are any fancy tricks, I personally would use some hot, soapy water, give it a scrub all over and leave it in the sun for a while. If you can't get rid of the musty smell still, then try spraying it with Febreeze, it works so well!

    Does the pram's seat cover come off? If so, you could try hand washing it in your bath or laundry sink. But if not, I would try the above.

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    This is from the book How to be Comfy and it's talking particularly about cleaning a mouldy pram:

    Allow 1kg of salt to dissolve in 1 bucket of warm water, then apply it to the stroller with a stiff brush or broom. Leave it to dry without rinsing; as it dries the salt will form a crust. Then brush it off with a stiff broom and the mould will come off with it. To prevent mould, add a couple of drops of oil of cloves to the water.

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    I used to soak the cushions and straps (when I could get them off) with napisan and wash them in the washing machine. Then spray the rest of the pram with bleach, leave it to sit for half an hour or so then give it a really good scrub with soapy water and rinse it off with the hose and leave in the sun to dry.

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