thread: Clothing that no longer fits - keep or throw?

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    Oct 2004
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    Clothing that no longer fits - keep or throw?

    Ok, this one does belong to multiple sections, Fashion as it is dealing with clothing, Domestic Godess as it is dealing with clutter and Weightloss as this is what has caused some of this.

    I have quite a few clothes now that just don't fit, they are too big. Some can still be work, they are just loose, but others are just too big now, like jeans.

    Part of me wants to hold onto them "just in case" I put it all back on. Also if for some reason I fall pregnant again (not that we are planning to) they will be handy (have already passed on my old maternity clothes). The other part of me wants them gone! I am so over holding onto to things and finding places to store them.

    I am going through my clothes today and pulling the stuff I no longer want and putting away the summer clothes so they are not in the way. So now it a good time to make a decision on the big stuff. Help me decide please, this is just so hard, the "just in case" monster does have a pretty good hold of me.

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    Aug 2006
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    Seriously by the time you are pregnant, are you really going to want to wear those old things?

    Maybe keep ONE favorite top and ONE favorite bottom (but only if you love love love them) and give the rest away.

    The laws of abundance will take care of the rest. xxx

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    Mar 2004

    Congratulations on the weight loss!
    I think that you should chuck out the too big stuff. Think positive - you will never be that weight again so you will never need them.

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    Sep 2006
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    Throw! If you have special "memories" of a particular item, put it on now and get a photo of it, with you looking gorgeous inside it! Or make it into a craft item, a handbag or something. Keeping larger clothing for me always gets me thinking that I can put on a little weight ... etc.

    And don't think ... do I want to throw this item, think instead - Do I really WANT to keep this item. It puts things into perspective!

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    Seriously by the time you are pregnant, are you really going to want to wear those old things?
    Well, I had lost a lot of weight before getting pregnant the first time and those bigger clothes did come in very handy. I do understand about fashion though, there were some items I just would not wear even though they did fit and other which I wore first pregnancy but not the second.

    I think you are all right though, they should just go. I got most of them on special anyway and they have been worn a fair bit. Now to find a garbage bag and pick a charity.

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    Sep 2008
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    Throw throw throw!! You've lost all that weight and you'll never ever need them again!
    Plus, if you get PG again there will be a different fashion out and new things for you to get

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    Jul 2005
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    I'll be doing this during the school holidays too... swap over my wardrobe from summer to winter so very topical.

    I would throw as much as you can bear. I've kept a few sentimental pregnancy outifts... and have them stored in an old suitcase waaaay up in a cupboard... along with my Class of '87 graduation t-shirt and my year 12 formal gown.

    With regard to thinking you might need them due to regaining your weight... don't even visualise that! LOL Be positive... assume, like me, that you will continue to slim down (like my mother did as she entered her 40's) and they won't be needed.

    How many Op Shops are there in your town? LOL Maybe you could always buy them back if you have a change of heart!

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    Quite a few op shops here, plus the clothing stores down here have better bargains. The local Autograph (yah don't have to shop there anymore), often has some cheaper items ($5 or 10) if need be.

    I am struggling with one pair of 3/4's and a nice top, but I did cull some stuff that does fit that I know I just won't wear, or wear often enough.

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    Apr 2007
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    I quite often get myself into a complete pickle trying to decide but what works for me is this, "will someone else like it/get more use out of it than I would storing it?"

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    Mar 2006
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    If they're natural fibres - couldn't you use them in some way with your reeactment - like for bedding???? Just a silly idea

    I'd just vinnie or freecycle the clothes - I'm doing the throw out at the moment too. I have a parcel of yummy clothes being shifted between post offices at the moment so I can pick them up - from a gorgeous BB woman

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    Oct 2003
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    Have a look at wardrobe refashion... its a way of recycling clothing by altering them to look fashionable... there are some fantastic ideas there & you can avoid buying new clothes by changing the ones that are too bid!! Seriously its brilliant!

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    Hate to admit it, but one of the tops I was getting rid of is one that has been sitting beside my sewing machine for aout 5 months waiting for me to "refashion" it Maybe I should go retrieve it from the bag.

    Silly me though, not thinking of refashioning. I had been reading the Little Brown Dress blog and the women who did that went onto another challenge of only recycling from her wardrobe, I just had not got around to reading that one. There is one skirt that could be turned into something nice for the girls (linen with a chunky lace), have got some purple dye lying around. Actually if dyed, I might be more inclined to wear it myself

    Nothing majorly usable for reencactment, have a large enough material stash already Reminds me, must be making garb for small children and looking at what of mine needs taking in.