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Thread: Does anyone have a cordless vacuum for daily use?

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    Default Does anyone have a cordless vacuum for daily use?

    I really really want a cordless vacuum cleaner, because our living area is all open plan, so the kitchen, playroom, dining room and family room is all ONE massive area. It really does need a daily vacuum now we have the puppy, but i have to move the vacuum and plug it in 3 various plugs just to reach the whole area. It makes it so much more of a chore because of having to move it around. So cordless would be much easier, but the guy at the vacuum shop told me cordless vacuums aren't meant for large areas or daily use and that used this way wouldn't last 6 months.

    But i'm sure i'd read posts here of people using cordless vacuums as their "main" vacuum, so do you?

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    we have one that DH uses daily, but not to vaccuum the whole house, just some areas. Its an electrolux I dont know the model name, but it includes a detahable dustbuster type ting as well.

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    I have a ducted vac with a 10 metre hose and absolutely LOVE it. I have a big house and only need 2 points so I can do the whole front of the house then plug it in to the other point to do the bedroom end.

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    We do - we have a plug in one we use every few weeks - and we have a vax "sweeper" we use about 4 times a day!!! The Good guys near us has about 4 different ones in stock - ours is a Vax.

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