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    help me to convert!

    ok, after reading another thread on reducing grocery costs.. i was convinced to try cleaning with vinegar like a lot of you ladies have suggested. i just need a bit of a guide of what i can use for what type of cleaning. i thought if i list what i would normally use, i could get some ideas what i could replace it with!

    Spray & Wipe- this one will be hard for me to give up, as i spray and wipe everything! benches/tables/coffee tables/comp desk, cupboard doors/shelves and i tend to give the bathroom benches a quick S&W, as well as the tops of my dressing table and side drawers. also the tv units, tops of tv/dvd players.
    can i just use a mixture of vinegar and water for all this stuff??

    glass cleaner- i tend to buy the homebrand cleaner, and use microfibre cloths for windows/mirrors and tv screens.

    bleach- this is another i use a lot of. i tend to pour some into the toilets and give a scrub, i also do the same with the bath and bottom of the shower.

    Gumption- i use this on the bath, bathroom sinks and laundry sink.

    sugar soap- i used to use this on my floors before i got a steam mop, now i use it for the walls/window sills/skirting boards.

    so, if anyone can suggest other ways i can go about cleaning with something other than what i already use... let me know!!

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    Well, I'm going to do my enjo pitch again here LOL. Everytime I come into this area of the forums I can't help but recommend it hehe.

    Spray & Wipe - easy to give up if you remind yourself of the layer of dangerous chemicals that are left on every surface and that you and the family breathe all the time! A damp microfibre cloth and a drying cloth will bring everything up beautifully

    glass cleaner- the microfibre cloth should only need water so just ditch the cleaning stuff. Needs to be a good microfibre tho (like enjo LOL and yes I have compared with supermarket brands) and a good drying cloth.

    bleach - erk.. just the smell of bleach keeps it out of my house. But I do still use a cleaner in my toilet bowl (I'm not that converted to enjo ) but nowhere else. Everywhere is just a microfibre cloth & water.

    Gumption- Again, just a microfibre cloth & water, and only use a paste like gumption or jif or something for the tough spots.. which are few & far between if done properly.

    sugar soap- we just cleaned a friend's house after they moved with an enjo all purpose cloth. It got scuff marks off the walls and they came up really good. We did use a bit of the marble paste on some spots.

    Hope that helps!

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    Nov 2007

    I'm about to invest quite heavily in some enjo stuff, after the lady came out and showed me how to clean with it, both DH and I were convinced how good it is.
    He can't wait to go through the whole house and clean the windows LOL

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    If you put white vinegar and water in a spray and wope bottle you can just use it as per snw...
    Bicarb and water to make a paste will replace your Gumption (use this for grout etc...or stibborn bath grime) and if you use a chamois after each shower or bath and dry the shower you wont need to clean it ANYWHERE near as often.
    If you are really keen and have access to it, you can use oregano to clean as bleach - it is actually about 25 times stronger than bleach naturally. Just boil a whole heap of fresh oregano in some water, cool it and put it in a spray bottle

    PS White vinegar spray is also a fabulous air freshener Gets rid of everything from cigarette smoke to curry....just pray it around the room and the vinegar smell will go in a couple of minutes and leave a great smell - NOTHING! lol
    Good luck!

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    I use almost the same stuff as Limeslice.

    Spray & wipe: 1 part white vinegar to 1 part water with 2-4 drops essential oils. I prefer lavender, but sometimes I use tea tree as well for the fresh smell. I use the same thing for everything, mopping floors (when I don't use the steam mop), windows, walls... everything.

    Glass cleaner: I use straight vinegar and newspaper.... I spray vinegar onto the windows and use newspaper to wipe it off...

    Bleach: I have never used it. I used to use toilet cleaner but now what I do is make a small paste with bicarb soda and then I use a brush to brush it in the toilet, then I pour a small amount of vinegar around the outside. I then flush & drop some oil into the toilet to freshen the smell.
    The thing with bleach is it kills some germs, but it leaves some as well.... so its not all that effective when used as a toilet cleaner anyway.

    Gumption, same as LS bicarb soda made into a paste

    Sugar Soap... I use the spray and wipe stuff.

    Some you didn't mention:

    fabric softener - vinegar 2 tbsp in the rinse cycle instead of fabric softener
    finishing rinse in dishwasher - lemon juice

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    thanks heaps girls! ive actually written out all these tips! ill stick it up in the laundry to remind me!

    im looking forward to it! i will report back how i go!

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    just thought id update how i'm going!

    LOVING IT!! ive been buying a bottle of vinegar a week from Aldi ($1.10) and ive been using it for everything! i love it! the smell take a bit to get used to, and sometimes i think 'blergh, vinegar' but i think thats just the pregnancy hormones, lol. ill try adding some essentail oils and see how i go!

    havent tried any bi-card yet, a my darling dd decided she'd tip the entire box into the washing machine with her dressing gown while i was obn the phone (she'd spilt a bit of juice on it, and thought she was doing the right thing.. bless her)

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    Feb 2008

    Thanks for all the clever advice ladies! Love it!

    And Krystal Ball,

    my darling dd decided she'd tip the entire box into the washing machine with her dressing gown while i was obn the phone (she'd spilt a bit of juice on it, and thought she was doing the right thing.. bless her)
    Too Cute!!