thread: House cleaner questions

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    Sep 2010
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    I tried to bring up the subject with DH and he is a flat-out no. "We should be doing it ourselves"... BUT WE'RE NOT! Hence the need for a house keeper.

    All I'd want someone to do is clean the bathroom, vacuum all the carpet and mop the kitchen (plus wiping the cupboard doors) and bathroom. Not a big deal. Maybe if I got someone do that, I'd get other stuff done.
    I have 2 options, both I've known for years, so I'd have no problem leaving a key somewhere.

    Thanks for all your replies... Now to just think about it a bit more and formulate my argument to DH.

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    Jan 2006
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    Our cleaner has a key and comes while we are at work. DH is a teacher and she doesn't come in the holidays as he hates having to go out (he doesn't feel comfortable hanging around with DD). She is a close friend of someone I worked with so felt comfortable giving her a key.

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    Feb 2006
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    Gosh, even just once a fortnight will make a huge difference to you. At least you know every couple of weeks, your floors are clean and bathrooms and then on the week off you just do spot cleaning the areas that need it most and the loos and it does help. I found that when I havn't had a cleaner I would never the house all done in the one go, just in dribs and drabs but at least once a fortnight it is all done. C'mon Charlotte91's DH!!!!

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    Oct 2008
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    If one of your friends is willing to travel to Melbourne I'm happy to hire them! We used to have one so answers below:

    How often does your cleaner come? Weekly
    How long do they work? 2 hours
    What do you get them to do? Floors, wiping surfaces, dusting, bathrooms. Then it's one of empty dishwasher, hang out clothes, change sheets, wipe out fridge or pantry. Just depends on what needs doing, but she usually had time for one extra a week. I'd just leave a note.

    Having a cleaner was the best thing we ever did. It meant so much more quality family time and I could get through my days without stressing that the place was grotty. I can live with untidy, but not dirty.

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    Jul 2010

    I agree, once a fortnight is awesome! If you can get someone at a reasonable price it'd be equivalent to things like:
    - two coffees a day
    - lunch out a day
    - one or two takeaway dinners a fortnight
    - a couple of six-packs/bottles of wine...

    ...etc etc.

    Worth it for a clean house, more time with each other, less stress/one less thing to worry about.

    I'm sure you can convince him!