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Thread: How do i disinfect toys?

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    Default How do i disinfect toys?

    My son has had a recurring staph infection for a few months now, I'm pretty sure he may be contracting it from kindy as it only started when he went to this new one anyway I'm at my wits end with it and I'm going to try and disinfect anything he comes into contact with in the whole house. So my question is does anyone know any products that i can use on my sons toys or how to disinfect them? And is it safe to do so? i was thinking of putting disinfectant in a bucket diluted and dipping the toys in it then letting them dry iykwim.
    Any words of wisdom would be appreciated! Thanks..

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    The hard plastic kind can be put in the top drawer of the dishwasher, this works really well

    Good luck, doesn't sound like much fun

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    Soft toys without batteries etc, can be hot washed with disinfectant and you can wipe over any that do have batteries with a little diluted disinfectant (soft or hard ones). I would do anything that can be submersed just like you described (fill up a laundry bag and do them all in the laundry sink at once) Lay everything out in the sun to dry as that is a great bacteria killer.
    It's ok to mention it to the staff at the kindy too, and ask what they do to disinfect and help stop the spread of disease. They should get the hint if you don't want to ask them outright to make sure it's done, IYKWIM? Google the information on how it spreads so that you can show them specifics.

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