thread: How to soften new bedsheets ?? ... Please any ideas !!

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    Question How to soften new bedsheets ?? ... Please any ideas !!

    Hello all,

    Well, i have just had myself the worst sleep last night on new stiff & scratchy sheets ... Recently purchased new Sheridan cotton bed sheets (to be exact they are Egyptian blended cotton Sateen ' Smooth Superior ' 600thread count) glad i didn't pay the full price of $400 for the set, got on special through DP's work for $120 yet too much money to still throw away not to mention i have TWO other cotton sheets of Sheridan but different thread count that i too can't soften)

    I had before using them washed them all in warm water, not too much detergent & dried on warm in the tumble dryer !!

    So, how do i soften these sheets ??

    Help pretty please anyone

    Thanks in advance for any kind replies

    Cheers Lorelle xox

    P.S - Please note : i do have slightly sensitive skin !!

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    I was going to suggest Fabric Softener but seeing you have sensitive skin it wouldn't be appropriate. I have terrible issues with my skin and Fabric Softener. BUT You can use cheap white vinegar as a fabric softener. You just use the same amount as you would with Fabric Softener.

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    Here's some info I found on using Vinegar as a Fabric Softener.

    The Solution - A Natural, Cheap and Organic Fabric Softener?
    White Vinegar with a few drops of and essential oil!

    That's correct, white vinegar makes the best fabric softener you could find, and it also has the added benefit of neutralizing the soap reside in the clothes. Just add it to the fabric softener compartment in your washing machine with a few drops of essential oil. The vinegar leaves no smell residue, even if used without the essential oil.

    An natural alternative to dryer sheets is to put a few drops of an essential oil (lavender smells nice and is antibacterial) on to a sock, and put it in the dryer. The smell will go through all the clothes.

    Interestingly enough, the reason vinegar is so effective is because it is acidic and washing powder and soaps are alkaline, so the vinegar neutralizes the soap residues during the rinse cycle which help keep the clothes soft.

    The skin of humans is naturally acidic, so using vinegar will be good for your skin also. Many skin problems such as ringworm, jock itch, athletes foot, tinea, dematitis and more are actually caused by using soap in our washing machine and in the shower. Soap disrupts the skins natural PH balance, killing the natural protective friendly bacteria that thrives on your skin, thus allowing unfriendly bacteria and fungus to enter into the skins pores. Many people with fungal skin rashes have found a cure by simply switching to a neutral PH mild natural body wash and not using soap on their skin. Also using vinegar in the washing machine will help.

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    when i put my 1000 threadcount sheets through after I got them I used a bit of washing soda in the pre-wash, then put them through a normal cycle (with a mix of nappisan & detergent) then vinegar in the rinse & I then put them through for a 2nd soak & rinse in vinegar.

    I bought 2 sets, am just waiting for a nice sunny day ALL DAY to do the 2nd set.

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    Any other suggestion lovely BB people ... Pretty Please

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    Whoops, double post !!

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    I'm getting desperate here ... um, any more kind suggestions on how to soften my new sheets ... PLEASE anyone

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    Lorelle, Have you thought about emailing Sheridan and asking them for some ideas?


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    The only thing I can suggest is a few more pre-washes using the dryer between. And use the vinegar or a sensitive fabric softener (Purity make one)

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    Nic ... you read my mind as i was thinking about that yesterday, maybe i should just ring Sheridan

    Ali ... hey, thanks heaps i never knew there was a fabric softener for sensitive skin (prob cause i never looked for it, LOL) ... would be nice on the towels too i would imagine

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    Hi ,

    How did you go with the bedsheets? Fabric Softener did the trick for mine It did take a few washes though.