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Thread: Need help with baby clothes

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    Default Need help with baby clothes

    I am sure i have seen similar threads around but cant find them

    Today I got out the bags and bags of clothes we had put away from when DD was little. There were 5big garbage bags full.

    SO I have gone through all the bags and kept out what I want to actually keep for any future children but some of the lovely things have stains on them, like that yellowing kind of stain. I am sure I washed everything before I put it away but I keep thinking something must have been missed as the cothes kind of smell a bit as well. Cant put my finger in the smell though

    So how do I clean them?

    What do you use?

    If I bleach the white things, how long do I leave them in bleach for? I dont want them to turn yellow from over bleaching.

    After they are all clean and dry again, how do I store them?

    Is there something I should put in with them to keep them smelling nice and that will stop them going yellow?

    Thankyou, thankyou thankyou!

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    tis very normal and commom darl. its from vomitting milk.. id try and soak in napisan first before bleach and dry in the sun

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    Thanks Olive. Should I soak in napisan overnight? Also should I spray the stains as well with something like preen?

    I should say I have been very good and cut it down to two big bags of things we are going to keep.

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    I spray my stained yellow stuff with White king color stains..

    In a blue spray bottle near the PREEN etc..

    BEST STUFF A friend told me about... as you can put it on colors and takes everything out.. I mean mud.. blood you name it.

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