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    Default Pest bombs

    I need to bomb the garage for spiders creepy crawlies so that we can empty it out without fear of redbacks, whitetails or huntsman.

    I have two raid bombs which is enough to do the garage (6mx6)

    But my problem is the internal door from the garage to the house.
    It has a weather seal on the bottom and I'm surface spraying all around it but I have images of spiders xrawling thru horror-movie style as soon as the bombs start to work.
    That and whether the fumes can get in and would cause a problem

    Has anyone used these before?
    Any suggestions?

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    You could use a door snake to seal up the crack, or if you have a surface spray barrier, if they crawl across it they will die anyway.

    TBH we've had a very badly infested house sprayed (by an exterminator) and the spidies didn't travel much, just curled up and died. The ****roaches (speaking from my tropical ****roach-infested Darwin days) are the ones that travel, but even so they don't get very far before they cark it. Just be ready to vaccuum up some corpses afterwards

    ETA - if we're using pest sprays anywhere on the property we vacate the whole place for as many hours as possible afterwards, to allow the fumes to subside.

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