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    soap nuts

    I use soap nuts for doing the washing and i love them so far my only problem is having an 18 month old who spills everything down her and a DH who works outside all day there clothes really smell and the soap nuts dont seem to do much for that.

    Also DH is terrible at swapping loads over i usually ask him to do it as he goes out of the laundry to have a smoke but all he does is put the wet stuff in a basket and ill find it later on when it has gotten tat musty smell to it, so what can i put in with the soap nuts to eliminate this. I dont care if my clothes come out of the wash scented or anything just want something eco-friendly to remove smells and also stains if possible

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    When I have something in the basket or machine too long, I usually rinse it again. Its enough to get the smell out.
    With stains, I use my usual washing powder (never heard of soap nuts), but do a heavy duty hot wash, with a soak. Has worked for the girls light blue school shirts so far. The wash cycle is about 2 hours all up if I let it do its own soak. Sometimes I'll pause it for longer.
    Any greasy clothes, I do the same, but I'd put dishwashing liquid in instead of powder. It breaks down oils & grease better. I think you can spray with WD40 too, but I don't like the idea of putting it through my machine.

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    you can use any essential oil.. lavender is nice

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    Sorry I can't help you with your question, just wanted to say that the thread title got me wondering, and I had to google soap nuts to find out what they are! I'm impressed already! I just ordered a sample, hope they work as washing powder is such bad stuff for the environment. Thank you!