thread: Tried and tested methods to remove oil spots from clothes?

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    Question Tried and tested methods to remove oil spots from clothes?

    Hi everyone,

    Just wondering if anyone has some tried and tested methods of removing oil spots from clothes. I've googled it, and read a million and one 'miracle' things that apparently work, but I need to hear it from someone who has actually removed oil spots/stains from clothes! What REALLY works....?!?!?!?


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    Dab on some eucalyptus oil and then a warm wash - it works miracles for getting out oil spots!

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    wd40 or cooking spray if you dont have any

    also rubbing in some good quality dishwashing liquid

    these methods reactivate the stain before washing

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    Eucalyptus oil works miracles!

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    i had some engine oil on some of my clothes.. (many thanks to a certain little man playing in the shed when mummy wasnt watching) ... anyway, countless soaking efforts didnt work, but, then, one day at the shops, i spotted that sard wonder spray thing, but, they had one with "degreaser" on the front.. worked a treat!