thread: What do you do with clothes that can be worn again?

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    What do you do with clothes that can be worn again?

    Just wondering what you do with your clothing that can be worn again. I am having a real dilemma with mine, after awhile it just seems to pile up. Both DH and I have clothes we wear out of the house and our house daggies, so we have clothes that are often only worn for a few hours. Not long enough to really be washing them, especially since we need to conserve water.

    DH just dumps it all at the end of the bed Sometimes I will fold his up and have it in a neat pile on the bed, still there but easier on the senses. I tend to hang mine on the end of the cot (which is not used). I don't want to put them in the cupboard, as I want to know when I put them on again that when I take them off they are to go in the laundry basket. The erratic weather at the moment does not help, as I have both warm and cool clothes out.

    I do crack it at times and just grab the lot to wash it all. Often this annoys DH as he comes home wondering where his comfy clothes are.

    So what do you do to keep it in order?

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    We have a WIR so worn clothes stays out of the robe, worn clothes gets put ... well if your me the worn clothes get dropped where they are taken pff if your Shel they're folded neatly and put on the sidetable or under her pillow LOL

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    we have a blanket box at the end of the bed/in front of the window. clothes that have only been worn a few hours get folded or draped on there and then when they're soiled, get put in the wash. i'm not out of the house much at all at the moment, and am limited in what i CAN wear out cos of the pot belly, so stuff may get recycled more than once if it's only been worn briefly. it's not the neatest solution, but it's all in one place...

    we do have like an open robe that DH puts some stuff on top of - annoys me, but i can't make him put it all in one place so if it is on there, even if i do a bit of a wash up, it doesn't get washed - and if he whinges, too bad!

    i too have warm and cool clothes out, warm and cool jim jams and warm and cool round the house stuff on the stack at the moment - as well as painting/work clothes. it's looking pretty untidy at the moment, but we'll survive...

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    I do the same as BG, fold it or drape it over the blanket box at the end of the bed. DH just dumps his on the floor and would wear a new set every day from about 7pm (when he showers) till 10pm (when he generally heads to bed) if I let him! I usually just fold his and put them on the blanket box too. Otherwise his washing is ridiculous!

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    Floor? That's in the bad moments. In the good moments, we have hooks. I'd love to have a shelf somewhere for already worn clothes too.

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    This is the age old question
    Unfortunately most of mine ends up dumped on the floor wherever it is taken off this includes chn and hubby I rarely know whats what and it usually all gets washed because it all ends up mixed in together anyway.
    I 'try' to put my cleanish ones straight back in the draw as I take them off

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    Looks as though we should have got the blanket box when we bought the bedroom setting. There are hooks on the back of the door, DH normally puts his work trousers there, so he can just start putting his other clothes there.