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thread: What Domestic duties have you achieved today? #3

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    Dec 2005
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    What Domestic duties have you achieved today? #3

    What have you got on your to do list today?

    Have you got a spare 15 mins? Why not do a 15 mins of fame

    Have you lifted out something for dinner? Why not get some inspiration from Here

    Don't know where to start? Why not give flylady a start Here

    See what BellyBelly's Domestic Goddess' do to keep their house a home Here

    And don't forget to post what you've done not only so you can be beam with pride, but so you can inspire the rest of us!

    See where we left off Here

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    Peach Guest

    It's 3.12am
    I am awake and in a cleaning frenzy mood!

    Jobs To Do ...

    * Clean the microwave Done
    * Clean the fridgeMeh - tomorrow
    * Wipe out all cupboards (inside and doors)Done
    * Clean the ovenTomorrow
    * Unload / Reload DishwasherDone
    * Wipe all benches and shine sinkDone
    * Mop floorDone

    Dining Room
    * Tidy tables and put all stuff awayDone
    * Mop floorDone

    Kenzie cried at 3.30am and we both fell asleep in my bed! SO I got up at 7am and continued my cleaning frenzy! Then DH's friend comes over and walks through my house with his dirty shoes
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    Jul 2007

    Sounds like me, antibiotics have given me insomnia...
    Apart from the three lengthy blogs and way too many forum contributions i have today...

    Vacuumed loungeroom, my room.
    Done the dishes (sharehouse flatmates = lazy = craploads)
    Domestos'ed the bathroom and toilet.
    Six loads of washing, drying and almost all folding
    Started packing useful stuff into boxes
    Made the bed *gasp - this never happens*
    Made a very simple dinner

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    Jan 2007

    Right from yesterday's list this is what I have acheived!!
    - vacuum Done
    -mop Done
    -dust Done
    -put out washing Done
    -fold dry washing Done
    -tidy up lounge, bedroom and Izzys room Half Done
    -dishes (nope no shiny sink here today ) Done
    -clean the stove Done
    - sort out all the papers and mess from the dining room table
    - shower and bathroom

    So a teeny tiny list for today! Yay! I can play with my new stroller and go for a stroll!

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    Jul 2006

    OMG at you ladies here at 3am!! Well done!

    Ok, I have been MIA from this thread for a while. Today already I have:

    Driven DH to work
    put on the dishwasher
    cleaned up after breakfast

    To do:

    2 loads of washing
    3 loads of folding and putting away
    kitchen and eating area (2 or 3 more times)
    water plants
    clean bins

    Let's see how I go with that!

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    Mar 2004

    To do -
    -Fold and put away washing (half done)
    -Load of laundry and hang out
    -Shops for yasin's lunch for tomorrow
    -Tidy and vacuum longue
    -Washing up
    -Tidy kitchen and clean benchtops
    -Mop kitchen floor
    -Tidy back yard.

    -nothing rofl.

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    Oct 2003
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    OMG I am a freaking goddess today!!!

    Are you ready??

    * wash walls done
    * clean kitchen done
    * clean play area done
    * wash toys done
    * wash all bedding in the house done - all 4 beds!
    * load of nappies in the process
    * dishes done
    * sweep & mop floors done
    * clean kids bathroom done
    * fold & put away washing still drying...

    WOOT!!!! My best effort in ages.... and thats it!! I still have some washing to hang out & put away, but I'm pretty proud of my efforts today.

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    I actually have two boys asleep atm, so I have done all my dishes, swept floors and mopped main area floor. I am about to go and tackle the older boys room.


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    Mar 2004

    Done -
    -vacuum lounge
    -mop kitchen and big bathroom
    -tidy and clean kitchen benchtops

    To Do
    -fold & put away laundry - done
    -put on a load of laundry - done
    -hang out laundry
    -Yasin's lunch etc for CC - done (& dropped him off)
    -shower (more complicated than it seems - I got water in the starter for the oven so I've had to turn the fuse off and it works on the starter for the hot water too) -done
    -Yasin's birhday cake for tomorrow (after he goes to bed tonight)

    ETA - what a spazz!!! I just figured out that I can turn the oven off at the wall.
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    Jun 2003

    Look at you girls!

    Christy that list was awesome.

    I'm not sure what I'll achieve today. So far all I've done is baked some cookies. I'm feeling a bit blah.

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    ~Belinda~ Guest

    absolutely nothing and feel awful because of it! normally i can't sit down but i'm about to tackle some painting of some door frames while dr phil plays in the background, ROFL

    pregnancy really makes you feel lazy some days!!

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    DS won't let me put him down, so I'm getting nothing done. Hopefully I can get to clean bottles!

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    Feb 2006
    NSW Central Coast

    Nothing today either....really should fold the clothes. Does washing ever end????? All I do is wash fold pack away I'm so bored of it, LOL!

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    Mar 2006
    soon to be somewhere exotic

    since I'm home sick and slowly on the mend now, I've started actually doing stuff.

    Today I did ALL the dishes (I swear we had no clean dishes left in the house - I'd not washed for a week - and the boys wouldn't even think of washing dishes!)
    Swept the floors (need to do them again tonight - we have trees dropping flowers in back yard)
    2 loads of washing

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    Have put in one load of washing to dry, another to actually wash (baby clothes) and currently tidying the study / Pip's room.

    Schaz - would they be the jacarandas falling? Ours don't have flowers down here until Jan / Feb!

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    Jun 2003

    Well I finally did it. My mt washington (turned volcano) is no more. All the washing is folded and put away. I'm also doing a couple of loads which I will fold and put away as I go.

    I'm going to do a big tidy up this afternoon.

    Feeling really energetic today its great!

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    Mar 2006
    soon to be somewhere exotic

    Schaz - would they be the jacarandas falling? Ours don't have flowers down here until Jan / Feb!
    Kaz - nope the tippuanas (sp?) - yellow flowers (2 shots in my gallery) - jacarandas are uni exam trees, when the jacarandas bloom it is final exam time!

    Today I've
    Done ALL the washing (last load about to be hung up)
    Done ALL the dishes
    Cleaned the stove
    Swept the floors (again!)
    Dusted the loungroom
    Sorted the piles of mail in the loungeroom (found bills that need to be paid - grrr at my DH)
    Changed the bed

    now I'm about to have lunch and a relax.

    More to do this afternoon, if I can stop coughing.

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    Jun 2003

    I feel FANTASTIC!

    I have all my washing done and have folded up more.
    My kitchen and sink is shining dishwasher emptied and repacked with breakfast dishes.
    Beds Made.
    Lunches done.
    Played with Seth all morning (who is in one of those adorable moods)
    And managed to do all this whilst being on BB & Suffering from awful allergies.

    I still want to clean some bathrooms & toilets but I feel GREAT!

    WOOT for me

    Go sharon thats an awesome effort! I hope you are resting that chest today.

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