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Thread: Who uses or has used a cleaner?

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    Default Who uses or has used a cleaner?

    We are thinking about getting a cleaner in- I am 7 months preg, and I work 3 days a week at the moment, and DH is working too. We just never seem to manage to get on top of our house work, so we are thinking about getting in a cleaner to do it for us.
    Just a few q's for anyone that has used one-
    *Did you stay home when they were cleaning? ( I would feel weird sitting around watching someone else clean my house)
    *How much did you pay?
    *How many hours did they do and what did that get done in that timeframe?
    *Did you hire through an agency or did you find someone locally?

    I would like to be a domestic godess, but I am just not, so for us getting someone in to do a bit of housework is probably the best bet, however it still feels weird admitting that we are not keeping on top of it and paying someone else to do it.

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    Yes hired a cleaner when DS1 was about 4 months old.

    I stayed home but in another room for first few times then I started going out to shops etc while she was here. Now I have no choice as DS1 would make mess to fast!

    Was paying $74 now its $60

    Fortnighlty was 3 hrs now 2 ish. (Vacum and mop floors, bathroom x2, kitchen benches and stove, strip and re make bed)

    Went thru an agency to start with after about 9 months cancelled agency and was going thru her direct as she found she didnt need as long to clean as booked and of course she had to charge agency price as she had to give them some of money. So we then started paying $60 and she took as long as she needed.

    I would love to be a domestic goddess but not me at all and I have a toddler he wants to play in water!

    Hope that helped.

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    Yes, I hired a cleaner when both DH & I were working full-time.

    No, I didn't stay whilst she cleaned - she came during the day when I we were at work.

    I had no trust issues b/c she cleaned my sisters house - that is where we got her details from. She was private (advertised through the newspaper) not through an agency

    She used to come for approx. 2.5 hours per week & it cost me like $36 or maybe a little bit more, but not much more. (it was about 5 years ago now)

    My sister and mum have just re-employed her to do their homes. I now work part-time so I clean myself.

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    I would love a cleaner...and if I continue working 4 days a week next year I will be getting on to do my bathrooms and floors.
    Personally I think you are better getting a provate cleaner than going through a company. Most people charge about $25 an hour and they have to have police clearances and references anyway (or you can request them) My brother had a cleaner up until a couple of weeks ago when my mother sacked them lol He was paying $80, and because he was never there, they used to clean for less time then they were supposed too, they were through an agency and the rates were higher because of that reason, not necessarily better at their jobs.

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    There was a thread about this not long ago with some good advice. It's here:

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